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Engine Oil FAQ for Website

Why is oil important?

Oil plays a vital role within an engine, as it provides three key functions:

Reduces metal to metal friction (engine lubrication)
Provides a degree of cooling (engine cooling)
Provides engine cleaning (with the use of detergents and dispersants and other additives)

If a vehicle’s engine oil is not changed at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals, or the amount of oil is not checked regularly, it can lead to significant and costly engine damage.

How do I select the correct oil for my vehicle?

We would always recommend the use of our product finder where you can use the VRN tools or select the vehicle make and model directly on our website. You can also use the Comma Application Guide if you do not have access to the internet. All our online recommendations are based on data provided by the manufacturer (the same that you can also find in the vehicle handbook) and come with a 100% guarantee.

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Why is it important to determine the correct oil?

Choosing the right engine oil has become more complicated due to engines becoming more complicated, fundamentally because of increasingly demanding environmental legislation. As well as changes in design and materials, vehicle manufacturers are having to resort to things like EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), exhaust after treatment units and turbocharging to meet these demanding emissions regulations. These items, in particular the exhaust after treatment units (Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalytic Converters), are very sensitive and very costly to replace, so choosing the right oil is vital to ensure the longevity of these components. If the incorrect oil is used it can lead to a blocked DPF or a poisoned catalytic convertor. Comma has a range of oils suitable for use in vehicles where these components are fitted.

Oils and Lubricants

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